Emailmarketingsoft Newsletter Software
to begin Better email designing revolution

Generate targeted, customer-oriented email campaign part of your daily routine.

"Can I design my campaigns with best layouts?"


Design Campaigns with best layouts

Design your campaigns as you like. Insert images and more personalized links. Use inbuilt templates or insert your own template. Our campaign creation wizard lets you unlock the creative and beautiful email designing with unlimited options and design tools. Just do everything you want.

"List Segmentation is easy or not in this email marketer?"


Experience the Easiest List Segmentation

with advanced segmentation. Generate targeted, customer-oriented email campaign part of your daily routine. Our mass mail software improved tools enable you to divide your contacts in separate or segments and overlapping subgroups.

"Will you provide Spam Checker or not?"


Use our attractive Spam Checker!

Give Optimized Spam Resistance to your messages with our email marketing software. Maximize deliverability with our inbuilt Spam Checker. You can rest assured that the emails you send out via our software would not be spam flagged by any mail boxes, your lovely newsletters will arrive in your customer's inboxes in time and in style.

"Newsletters are possible with social media integration?"


Let subscribers share and generate a buzz for you

We enable you to insert social sharing buttons on your newsletters so that your subscribers will be able to sharing interesting information about your business with their friends via social media. Remember, the power of mouth-to-mouth is great and your business may easily generate a great group of audience with the help of your existing subscribers. Thanks to our bulk email software and the power of social media.

"Can I check, how my campaigns will look before sending?"


Ensure that your emails look their best in different platforms.

This is best to check how your newsletters will look in your client's inboxes before actually sending to them. EmailMarketingSoft enables you to preview how your newsletters will look like in different email service provider such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and others. After checking thoroughly how the newsletters will look in your client inboxes, you can rest assured that your newsletters look to great to everyone and you can hit the send button in bulk mail sender with full confidence.

"I can add social links in my campaign!"


Personalize your campaigns just as you want them!

Personalize your campaigns effectively as we provide you many options like you can add your Social links, details, etc. Everything you envision about your campaign, you can go for it! While creating campaigns you have many different options to try.

"Can customer signup automatically?"


Automated customer signups with ESP editions!

Send emails for yourself or start an email marketing business. our newsletter software is fully integrated with billing to start an email service providing business!

"Can I deliver emails on the perfect timing?"


Engage your customers by being thoughtful

Our email scheduling feature is very important if you want to ensure that your newsletters arrived in your subscriber's inboxes on the right timing regardless of the different between time zone. This feature enables your message to be delivered on the same local time in different time zones via email marketing software.


"I want to get exact report of my campaigns!"


Best Statistics & Reporting

Get the full overview of your email marketing progress with our advanced reporting system which provides details about campaigns, lists, users, subscribers read trends, email client trends and lots of more.

"I want to schedule mail delivery."


Now you can schedule newsletter delivery!

Just schedule newsletter delivery, be relaxed and assured about perfect timing. Select scheduling option and your newsletters will reach to recipients at the same local time all over the world.